Uncovering Relationships

Projects in Uncovering Relationships emphasise embodied and multi-sensorial interactions amongst people and with our surroundings.

We speak to our participating exhibitors Kok Heng Leun from Drama Box and Ngiam Su-Lin from Artswok Collaborative on Both Sides, Now, Alvin Ho from Atelier HOKO on HABIT©AT, Reiko Kasai, Sherri Goh, Mayumi Banno and Sunyoung Hwang from Lighting Planners Associates on Lighting Detectives and Chaw Chih Wen from Hyphen Architects, Brian Khoo and Mary Ann Ng on An Ode to Smell.

Images and Photography
Both Sides, Now
Zinkie Aw
Atelier HOKO
Lighting Planners Associates
Brian Khoo

Open Narrative