Around The Table

Over September and October 2020, conversations with our exhibitors and international experts have surfaced three main emerging themes – Health and Density, Sharing and Solidarity, and Presence and Distance.
Lead Curator, Ho Puay-peng, introduces the Singapore Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia.
Imagining Relationships visualises the speculative future based on our conjoined relationship with digital technology.
Projects in Uncovering Relationships emphasise embodied and multi-sensorial interactions amongst people and with our surroundings.
In Communing Relationships, we explore the preservation of collective histories. How do memories inspire new ways of coming together in present times?
Centred around built structures, Framing Relationships illustrate how different communities and individuals live and work together in a single space.
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Ambrosia for the People – Hawker Centre Food (2021) by Lai Chee Kien and Koh Hong Teng.
The Hard State, Soft City of Singapore (2020) edited by Simone Shu-yeng Chung and Mike Douglass.
Sharing Design (2020) by Jeffrey Kok Hui Chan and Ye Zhang.
HABIT©AT (2020) by Atelier HOKO
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