An Ode to Smell

HYPHEN ARCHITECTS + BRIAN KHOO + MARY ANN NG An Ode to Smell encourages visitors to experience spaces through their sense of smell, and to consider how scent can influence and define our individual and collective memories or impressions of the built environment.

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Lighting Detectives

LIGHTING PLANNERS ASSOCIATES Through the activities they host, Lighting Detectives invite participants to come together to observe the subtle but significant role of light in our cityscape and how it defines our understanding of our environments.

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ATELIER HOKO Familiar vernacular spaces, such as the void decks in many early public housing projects, can look very different from the perspective of someone or something else, and HABIT©AT is a research project that rethinks this spatial environment with a clowder of community cats.

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Both Sides, Now

DRAMA BOX, ARTSWOK COLLABORATIVE, FOREST & WHALE Both Sides, Now uncovers the potential of the void deck, an empty ground floor space found in many early public housing projects that affords a variety of social activities, through hands-on collaborations and workshops with local communities.

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