Workshop: Tolong / Tulung / Pummaci: Collaboration in Creative Practice


Tolong/Tulung/Pummaci: Collaboration in Creative Practice will be orchestrated collaboratively by the curatorial teams of the Philippines, Singapore and Korean Pavilions. Open to students internationally, the workshop is designed to provoke thinking about the processes and systems of designing spaces for collaboration especially in and within communities. In this 1.5-hour workshop, we will use examples that span across the countries (that have also inspired the projects emerging from the Pavilions) to delve deeper into the semantics of collaboration and how it might reorientate thinking about design strategies for communal spaces.

This workshop is presented as part of the Transnational Midissage organised by the Curator’s Collective at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia.

Workshop Outline

1300 | Opening Greeting / Introduction

Introductions with Sudarshan Khadka, Ho Puay-peng and Haewon Shin.

1305 | Presentation Sessions!

  • Pummaci, by Haewon Shin, Korean Pavilion
  • Structures of Mutual Support, by Alexander Furunes and Sudarshan Khadka, the Philippines Pavilion
  • Transcending the Nature-Culture Divide, by Imran bin Tajudeen, Singapore Pavilion
  • Care Index, by Alecia Neo, Singapore Pavilion

1340 | Group Activities

Participants will be put into one of the four breakout activity groups for a 30min hands-on session.

1410 | Sharing Sessions

1430 | Closing Statements. End!