Communing Relationships

In this theme, we explore the preservation of collective histories. How do memories inspire new ways of coming together in present times?

Hawker Centres in Singapore

LAI CHEE KIEN Hawker Centres in Singapore examines the history and evolution of Singapore’s public dining rooms, and how they became quintessentially communal spaces of gathering.

Syncretically, Eclectically — ‘Haw Par’ Have We Come?

STUDIO LAPIS + EUGENE TAN + JEROME NG XINHAO Syncretically, Eclectically — ‘Haw Par’ Have We Come? touches on the collective histories of built spaces, and the special place recreational spaces have in the hearts of Singaporeans and foreigners.

Common Ground

RED BEAN ARCHITECTS In paying homage to the past whilst looking to the future, Common Ground offers insights into how buildings can engage with their surroundings and community.

Pulau Ubin Lives

STUDIO DO: PULAU Houses on Pulau Ubin have always functioned as community gathering spaces, and Pulau Ubin Lives documents shared collective memories and ongoing efforts to restore four wooden Malay houses there.

Framing Relationships

Centred around built structures, projects in this theme illustrate how different communities and individuals live and work together in a single space.

Kampung Admiralty

WOHA Kampung Admiralty is an integrated and intergenerational public housing development that offers a solution to the challenge of housing our growing elderly population in life-affirming communities.

Our Tampines Hub

DP ARCHITECTS Our Tampines Hub is an integrated lifestyle town hub that co-locates over thirty community, sports, cultural, civic and lifestyle facilities to bring different modes of and working together under one roof.

Rail Corridor: Choa Chu Kang Integrated Housing Development

MKPL ARCHITECTS Conceived as a design proposal, Rail Corridor: Choa Chu Kang Integrated Housing Development emphasises the symbiotic relationship between nature and a high-density housing development through a creative land use design and planning strategy.

Temasek Shophouse

SURBANA JURONG Housed within a historically significant building, Temasek Shophouse is an inclusive public space for communities to conduct social activities, enjoy co-working facilities and spearhead sustainable initiatives.

Uncovering Relationships

Projects in this theme emphasise embodied and multi-sensorial interactions amongst people and with our surroundings.

An Ode to Smell

HYPHEN ARCHITECTS + BRIAN KHOO + MARY ANN NG An Ode to Smell encourages visitors to experience spaces through their sense of smell, and to consider how scent can influence and define our individual and collective memories or impressions of the built environment.

Lighting Detectives

LIGHTING PLANNERS ASSOCIATES Through the activities they host, Lighting Detectives invite participants to come together to observe the subtle but significant role of light in our cityscape and how it defines our understanding of our environments.


ATELIER HOKO Familiar vernacular spaces, such as the void decks in many early public housing projects, can look very different from the perspective of someone or something else, and HABIT©AT is a research project that rethinks this spatial environment with a clowder of community cats.

Both Sides, Now

DRAMA BOX, ARTSWOK COLLABORATIVE, FOREST & WHALE Both Sides, Now uncovers the potential of the void deck, an empty ground floor space found in many early public housing projects that affords a variety of social activities, through hands-on collaborations and workshops with local communities.

Imagining Relationships

Finally, projects in this theme visualise the speculative future based on our conjoined relationship with digital technology.

We Are Millennials, Mobilised

MILLENNIAL NOMAD SPACE We Are Millennials, Mobilised considers the role of the digital in the everyday life of millennials, and how this shapes the way this generation comes together to navigate space both online and offline.

Architecture of the Sharing Culture

NUS-TSINGHUA DESIGN RESEARCH INITIATIVE—SHARING CITIES Architecture of the Sharing Culture envisions the possibility of living and reinventing ourselves in a liveable and sustainable manner amidst the limitations of resources.

Future Hybrid High-Rise Commune

MICHAEL BUDIG AND OLIVER HECKMANN, SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN In harnessing the potential of technology to inspire new forms of social housing, Future Hybrid High-Rise Commune presents an urban vision of us living together — both digitally and physically — in the future.

Rewilding the Sky

SALAD DRESSING In Rewilding the Sky, a post-Anthropocene landscape is posited where nature thrives alongside the urban city — lush and wild once more.