We Are Millennials, Mobilised

In theorising prospective futures, the imaginative, alternative ways of being, living and convening that are actively discovered by the millennial generation, open up an interesting space for investigation and postulation.

We Are Millennials, Mobilised articulates the millennial mindset and their digital capacities. Social media connectivity and online sharing practices offer new perspectives on our everyday spatial experiences. With the virtual and digital increasingly overlapping with the real, we begin to observe a blurred division between the two. The projects featured here are all conceptualised by millennials, and they adopt various technologies to express and critique how comfortably we have come to inhabit the real and the virtual simultaneously. This inevitably transforms our lifestyle, ways of working and relationships with one another.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the 3D printed models embedded into the tabletop’s topography. They can also scan the accompanying QR codes for more information. These scaled objects of inhabitable space are tactile translations of the virtual worlds portrayed in the central projection. Beneath the table, technicolour cushions double as informational panels — the visual haptic documentation of the group’s experiments.

Deciphering the Spatial Rhetorics of Millennial Nomads (2019-2020) or Millennial Nomad Space, is a Ministry of Education AcRF Tier 1 funded research project at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore. Our research adopts a human-centred approach to understanding the formation and management of a multi-mobile millennial nomad’s identity and spatial practices in the urban environment and digital realm.

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