Lighting Detectives

The way in which our urban landscape is lit often defines, albeit subtly, its atmosphere and how we relate to it. A brightly lit space could be read as inviting, and a dim area might elicit a sense of pathos.

Given the immediate impact lighting has on our perception of space, Lighting Detectives was conceived as a group dedicated to the study of lighting culture. With an aim to review the present state of urban environmental lighting, the group engages in fieldwork and community activities to observe how light is used in the city.

For their installation, a series of fabric panels are suspended from the ceiling of the space, showcasing the history of lighting in Singapore based on chronological research by the group. Automated to lift and descend at regular intervals, they alternate to reveal lighting fixtures within. By simultaneously revealing and concealing these lights, the group hopes to pique the visitors’ interest and curiosity, which are also qualities essential in the Lighting Detectives’ pursuits. The table surface features a comprehensive overview of Lighting Detectives’ public engagement activities in Singapore, demonstrating the inquisitive outlook that this non-profit group personifies.

Lighting Detectives is an initiative by Lighting Planners Associates.

Lighting Planners Associates (LPA) is an organisation of lighting specialists established in 1990 led by Kaoru Mende. The goal of LPA is to design and build outstanding lighting environments that enrich our architectural and lighting culture. The Singapore office was established in 2000 and has since been engaged to work on the Lighting Masterplan for Singapore City Centre, National Gallery, Gardens by the Bay, Victoria Concert Hall, Chijmes renovation, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and many others to contribute to the city’s unique nightscape. LPA is regarded as a leading lighting consultancy in the world.

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