Our Tampines Hub

Building on ideas on integration and sharing in architecture, another key area for collaboration concerns the relationship between government agencies, grassroot organisations and local residents.

Our Tampines Hub is an integrated lifestyle town hub in the neighbourhood of Tampines. An existing single-use stadium and sports hall was transformed to accommodate a variety of facilities. Our Tampines Hub co-locates over thirty community, sports, cultural, civic and lifestyle facilities, while designing co-sharing spaces for twelve governmental agencies and statutory boards. This integration is manifested in the interlocking volumes and three-dimensional clustering of facilities. Through participatory design, it is co-created for, by, and with the residents of Tampines as a truly people-centric community destination for all.

The dynamism of this integrated hub is shared through an exploded model that showcases six primary aspects: Urban, Ecology, Programme, Economics, Government and People. Each layer is colour-coded, and visitors are encouraged to interact with the informational devices that explain how specific design elements were incorporated to address various needs. These devices dive deep into core values and experiences of this complex sum that address various needs while celebrating a unique sense of gathering.

This project was completed by DP Architects for the People’s Association.

Since its inception in 1967, DP has designed many of the country’s most important public projects and notable landmarks. DP has also been involved with urban projects of immense scale and increasing diversity of function; some of the firm’s works are the largest of their type in the world.

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