Rewilding the Sky

Amidst possibilities around Singapore’s future and how we will continue living together, a shift in bioethics might become plausible.

Rewilding the Sky imagines Singapore as an urban vertical landscape where every building is topped by a nature reserve. Today, Singapore is a city in nature and a model of biodiversity. Going beyond our current reality, this project introduces a speculative scenario that portrays a rain-forest-city integrated with greenery at the Eastern region. The city mirrors the ability of calling rain down as Western region where Bukit Timah Nature Reserve – home to Singapore’s primary rainforest situated. The artwork is enveloped by three smells that correspond to the Earth’s three shield: Water, Ozone and the magnetosphere.

As visitors circle the assemblage, the two halves come together. Higher grounds are formed to create rain shadow effects. As a pair, they release biogenic volatile organic compound into the clouds above, resulting in rain. The rain then replenishes the dyke-reservoirs along Singapore’s South-eastern shore. Scheduled for completion in 2050, these dyke-reservoirs will protect Singapore from rising sea levels.

The artwork reference binaries such as the constructed and the natural. By acknowledging the intertwined nature of ecosystems to the sky, we aim towards new modes of co-existence among other living beings, digital beings and humans.

salad dressing is a landscape design firm based in Singapore, founded in 2002. The company is made up of landscape architects, garden designers and professionals interested in ecology. The company’s portfolio consists of parks, residential developments, gardens, resorts, art installations internationally. Inspired by current climatic issues, ecological deterioration, machines expansion of senses in regions like biotechnology and outer space, we see our role as negotiator in interspecies relationship, expressing the current flux of humanity through our works.

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